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The Innovative Science & Technology Group (ISTG) - is a Chicago-based non-profit [501(c)(3)] organization dedicated to the advancement of science and technology in underserved communities primarily within the US and Africa. In achieving our objective we would like to partner with individuals as well as institutions that share our common beliefs and goals.

The following are ISTG's main projects and initiatives:

ISTG 's Online Publications Intiative
AFARA kids

An important goal of ISTG is to examine educational policies as they relate to science and technology in underserved communities in the US and abroad (primarily in Africa). ISTG aims to become a platform to spur debate and discuss current, salient, scientific and technological issues and their impact in the realms of education and industry on the various populations they serve. In this process, ISTG intends to highlight individuals, institutions, communities, programs and applications that (1) are making a noticeable contribution in the scientific and technological arenas, and (2) are positively impacting student achievement and academic success, innovation,

 economic development and social welfare.
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ISTG Young Achievers Scholarship

A core value of ISTG is to support students in achieving their academic pursuit and goals. It is with this objective that ISTG has established the ISTG Young Achievers Scholarship, aimed at rewarding students that have demonstrated academic perseverance and excellence, high standards of leadership and notable community service.
The ISTG Young Achievers Scholarship is awarded to 8th and 9th grade students attending a US school.

Click here for more information on the scholarships offered by ISTG, and the application process.

Project - AFARA™
AFARA kids

The primary goals of the ISTG international joint student project initiative, Project AFARA™, are: first, to help encourage greater interest in science and technology among young students that are underrepresented in the sciences in both the US and Africa and second, to foster greater global awareness, communication and cooperation among these young students. Scientific and technical proficiency, coupled with global awareness, are fast becoming vital skills in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Project - UJAMAA™

ISTG's Project UJAMAA is a unique 4-week international high school technology and entrepreneurship initiative. Ujamaa means "work together" or "cooperative economics" in Swahili, and it is in this spirit that ISTG created a project centered on technological business applications. During this project, US and African students will work together to study the viability of commercial technologies. Throughout this project, students will be introduced to new concepts in technology, entrepreneurship, economics, manufacturing and marketing, and will study how all these disciplines can be inter-related.

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Project - Africa Tomorrow
African Hands

The principal objective of Africa Tomorrow is to develop a U.S.- sponsored African-based program geared towards the advancement of scientific research and development within African educational institutions, specifically universities and technikons. The project brings together US and African scientists to develop enabling technologies that would radically improve the infrastructure of sub-Saharan Africa. Project areas include renewable energy, portable medical diagnostics, and clean water production. Development in any of these areas could significantly improve the lives of the average African, particularly those living in rural areas.

For example, according to an IMF survey in 2008 nearly two-thirds of all sub-Saharan African countries "suffered accute energy crises" in recent years. The inability for many Africans to gain access to a steady supply of electricity ultimately results in a diminished standard of living. Africa Tomorrow is aimed at tackling such problems by funding advanced African-based technologies, with the particular constraint that such technologies be affordable, dependable, and accessible.

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