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The dedicated members of ISTG donate much of their time, energy and financial resources to ensure the realization of this organization's ultimate goal. The fact of the matter is, given the grand nature of ISTG's objective, we cannot realize its main objective of first rate science and technological development on the Continent and urban areas within the US without the assistance and participation of many others who share our bright vision for Africa and urban America.

There are a variety of ways in which you can assist ISTG in ensuring the ultimate goal of advanced scientific and technological development both in urban America as well as Africa. Click each below for more information:



Financial Donations - ISTG is a non-profit [501(c)(3)] organization dedicated to the advancement of science and technology in urban America as well as in Africa. In achieving our objective, we would like to partner with individuals as well as institutions that share our common beliefs and goals.

With your tax-deductible financial donations, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to our exclusive ISTG quarterly newsletter
  • Opportunity to submit contribution pieces to the ISTG newsletter
  • Invitation to exclusive ISTG-sponsored events


For general donations to the ISTG organization, please click on the donate button below:


To donate to specific ISTG-sponsored programs, please visit the "ISTG Program Specific Sponsorship" link above.

Mail-in Donations - You also have the option to mail in your donations to ISTG. Please download our donation form, complete it and mail to:

600 N. Neil Street
PO Box #1292
Champaign, IL 61824

How Your Donations for ISTG Projects are Used - Nearly 90% of all financial donations for ISTG projects are spent directly on the materials required to conduct the various projects, as well as the student participants. Please click here to learn more ...


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