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Guided by our primary mission, we at ISTG have developed a wide array of highly-scalable programs that can be easily tailored to the needs of most students. As an organization, we recognize that we are not alone in this very important mission, so we are currently offering outside businesses and organizations the opportunity to partner with ISTG through corporate sponsorship of Project AFARA, with the opportunity to sponsor other ISTG programs in the near future. Corporate sponsorship of Project AFARA can take the form of financial support, as well as donation of materials, equipment and tools required for conducting Project AFARA.

As a corporate sponsor, you will be offered the following benefits:

  • Endorsement of your company/organization by ISTG
  • Your company/organization logo and website link displayed on a dedicated "ISTG Sponsors" page for all donations above $1,000
  • Invitation to attend the school award ceremony at the conclusion of the sponsored ISTG project for all donations above $5,000
As an individual sponsor, you will receive a letter from ISTG formally acknowledging your level of sponsorship.

The following are the sponsorship tiers, based on the mimimum required levels of financial support:
  • Diamond: $20,000 and above
  • Platinum: $10,000
  • Gold: $5,000
  • Silver: $2,500
  • Contributor: $1,000
  • Supporter: $500
  • Sustainer: $250
  • Patron: $249 and under
To become an official sponsor of Project AFARA, please contact us at, or call us at (773) 655-4209.
Click here for the current list of Project AFARA sponsors.


Note: If you represent an individual or corporation and wish to support ISTG anonymously without any sponsorship titles, please click on the donate button below:


To support any of ISTG's programs anonymously without any sponsorship titles, please visit the ISTG Program-Specific Donations page.
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