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Project UJAMAA™

ISTG's Project UJAMAA is a unique 3-week international high school technology and business initiative. Ujamaa means "work together" or "cooperative economics" in Swahili, and it is in this spirit that ISTG created a project centered on technological business applications. During this project, US and African students will work together to study the viability of commercial technologies, while exchanging written reports on a weekly basis. At the end of project UJAMAA, the participating students will create and present a final report. In addition, both groups of students will share their final results with their international counterparts

through video web. Throughout this project, students will be introduced to new concepts in technology, economics, manufacturing and marketing, and will study how all these disciplines can be inter-related.

The main goals of project UJAMAA are:

  • To encourage greater interest in technology, economics and business among young students that are underrepresented in these disciplines, both in the US and Africa
  • To expose students to the symbiotic relationships between business and technology disciplines
  • To develop greater global awareness among young US and African students


One of the principal motivations of Project UJAMAA is the current economic recession lead by the international financial system meltdown. UJAMAA will provide students with basic business creation skills, rudimentary personal finance knowledge and an understanding of how locally and globally interconnected economies function - crucial tools that will assist them in making more informed financial decision now and in the future.

Like project AFARA, project UJAMAA is not a competition. This project aims to teach and foster cooperation and collaboration among students of differing cultures. Project UJAMAA instills and encourages intellectual curiosity, academic rigor, problem solving, communication, global awareness, and team building - all skills necessary for success in an increasingly global environment.

In conclusion, ISTG’s project UJAMAA is a truly innovative approach to teaching technology and business concepts to high school students. This project will be both interesting and challenging, and all participating students will benefit from this enriching learning experience for the rest of their lives.

FACT: Nearly 80% of all students who participated in the first edition of Project AFARA responded in an anonymous survey that they would be interested in participating in an international technology and business initiative like Project UJAMAA.

Pre-Application Process for Project UJAMAA

In order to receive a formal Project UJAMAA application from ISTG, you must first send a letter of interest signed by the principal or headmaster. The letter should address the reasons your school wishes to participate in Project UJAMAA, and how Project UJAMAA will benefit your students academically and socially.

Please email a PDF copy of your letter to In addition, you must mail a hard-copy of your letter to the following address:

600 N. Neil Street
PO Box #1292
Champaign, IL 61824

Once we've received your official letter of interest, the official Project UJAMAA application documentation will be emailed to your school.


To make a donation to ISTG's Project UJAMAA™ fund, please click below:


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