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UAEF in Fundraising Partnership with ISTG

ISTG is proud to announce a fundraising partnership with UAEF (The United African Educational Foundation). In the effort to raise funds for ISTG and its school programs, program such Project AFARA, a unique international environmental science and technology initiative for middle and high school students in the US and abroad, ISTG and UAEF have decided to enter into a fundraising partnership in which ISTG promotes and sells UAEF's children books. Under the new partnership, ISTG will distribute the UAEF children's books mainly through its website, with 50% of the proceeds going to ISTG. Click here to view the UAEF letter of fundraising partnership with ISTG.

UAEF's Books Used in Classroom Curriculum and Instruction
The School District of Philadelphia (PA) has adopted and is using UAEF books in 219 of its schools. UAEF books have also been adopted by the East Orange Board of Education (NJ), The School District of Camden (NJ), and the Newark Public Schools (NJ), and are being used in dozens of their schools and classrooms as part of their core curriculum for literacy and character education.

Endorsements of UAEF Books
PhilySchoolEmblem Cecilia Cannon
Associate Superintendent
Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Development
"'The Old Woman and the Girl Who Didn't like to Read' is a beautifully written African tale about discovering the joy of literacy. The tale is about a young girl who reluctantly accepts a rare, old book as a gift from an old woman and soon becomes part of the story as she is reading it. Her vivid imagination transports her to the ancient African Kingdom of Benin where she sees a world of beauty and splendor. The tale celebrates the exquisite joy of reading while ensuring that all young children and students who read it learn some truly important facts about the ancient ancestral roots of African Americans. This book should be part of every classroom library."
TrentonSchoolEmblem Darwin P. Williams, Ed.D.
Deputy Superintendent
Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Development
"It gives me great pleasure to provide this endorsement for the series of African fables and tales written by K. Christopher Toussaint. The Trenton Public School District, which is located in the capital of New Jersey, enrolls a large African-American population and has a vision to provide all students with a better understanding of their world and the larger global society. I enjoyed reading the newest edition of the series, The Old Woman and the Little Girl Who Didn't Like to Read. I found the book to be pedagogically exceptional. The book is beautifully crafted and excellent for classroom use. Its presentation of maps, illustrations, and interdisciplinary lessons provides teachers with strategies and activities unlike any other children's literature series. The enriching lessons integrate mathematics, science, history, language, and geography. The maps, graphics and illustrations provide students with a vivid representation that allows them to understand other places in the world. This book is essential reading for both elementary and middle school students..."

UAEF Books Available for Purchase
The Porcupine and the Boa Constrictor
This fable is about a radiantly colored, sleek-looking snake in an African tropical rain forest that persistently teases and harasses her porcupine neighbor because of the porcupine's dull, quill-covered body and plain appearance. The snake soon learns that although she is very colorful, she lacks a very useful physical trait, one which the porcupine and most other animals are endowed.
The Moral Of The Fable is that people should recognize the equality of all of human kind in nature.
Adesuwa Goes to Puerto Rico
The little girl, Adesuwa, from "The Old Woman and The Little Girl Who Didn't Like to Read" returns for another exciting adventure. This time upon reading a book on Puerto Rican history and culture, Adesuwa finds herself transported to San Juan, Puerto Rico. There she learns about Puerto Rican history and culture and the unique primordial origins of its people.

About UAEF
The United African Educational Foundation (UAEF) is a nonprofit, charitable organization with the aim of addressing more directly the educational needs and aspirations of school children of African descent in the United States and other parts of the world.
DISCLAIMER: Original information and writing provided by UAEF. Click here for more information about UAEF.
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