SISTEM one-on-one from Lagos, Nigeria with Mr. Justin Irabor, Marketing & PR Manager, Hotel Booking Limited.
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SISTEM one-on-one from Lagos, Nigeria with Mr. Justin Irabor, Marketing & PR Manager, Hotel Booking Limited (

Justin Irabor

Justin Irabor grew up in Lagos state, Nigeria and he learned quite early how media consumption influences decision-making in various ways. Over time, he has come to be actively interested in the Generation Y (millennial) cohort and the uniqueness of marketing to 90s babies. An avid reader himself, he prefers to express himself by writing – and occasionally by speaking at events – and is a firm believer that truly useful content is first organically sound before being promotionally enhanced. He designed – and implemented – a growth-hack strategy with a small content team that saw a quantum leap in user engagement metrics within the scope of a year, and is currently head of marketing and PR at, Nigeria’s largest online hotel booking agency. Justin is committed to the humanitarian cause, especially to the internally-displaced persons in Northern Nigeria, and to orphans in the country. He is also an art dilettante, a father figure and a lover of Medium blog posts.

Q:    Please tell us about yourself and the path that led you to

Irabor: My name is Justin Irabor, and I am in charge of marketing and PR at It is my job to ensure that's brand mantra and value promise is communicated to our customers and to integrate customer feedback into our service offering so that is always delivering the best possible hotel booking service and constantly improving and adapting to our customers' requirements.

Before, I was the Product Manager, Community Manager and Chief Editor of Nigerian Bulletin, an online PR platform that structures corporate brand messages and favors engagement metrics over impression metrics.

Q:  What is (what services does it provide and who created it)?

Irabor: In a nutshell, Hotels'ng is Nigeria's largest online booking agency. It is a technological solution for hotel reservations all around Nigeria. Users who need affordable rooms and who are looking for hotels that match their peculiar needs visit our platform and get hotel recommendations tailored to their budget and aesthetic/service needs. We assist all our users in making the process as smooth as possible: from visiting to checking in to their hotel room. The platform was founded by Mark Essien in 2013 and it has continued to grow since then.

Q:   Why

Irabor: is what it is for two reasons:

1.      It exists because we provide a service people had been looking for even before we set up shop. Essentially, we identified the market, and created a service that met the market need. What we offered - and what we offer now - is an escape from the quintessential hotel booking stress, and we have lowered the entry bar for the enjoyment of luxury in Nigeria. With our platform, anybody who needs a hotel can get one – at a price they like! We have created good synergy between hotel users and hotel managers by reducing hotel manager overhead and this has spilled into lower hotel room rates.

2.    The name itself is something Mark Essien decided on in the nascent stage of the company because it was a short, simple, relevant and easy-to-remember value promise.

Q:   What is next for

Irabor: We currently provide hotel reservations for every city and state in Nigeria, and have begun to spread our reach to other countries in Africa. We recently raised startup capital that is now going into expanding our market and extending our value.

Q:  How important is technology in the business and operation models of

Irabor: The core of our operation rests on two fulcrums: the technological framework and the team. is built on the simple premise that a specialized team working with scalable technology that is adaptive to market and environmental events will be successful in the long – and in the short – term.

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