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ISTG Young Achievers Scholarship Fund

A core value of ISTG is to support students in achieving their academic pursuit and goals. It is with this objective that ISTG has established the ISTG Young Achievers Scholarship, aimed at rewarding students that have demonstrated academic perseverance and excellence, high standards of leadership and notable community service.

The ISTG Young Achievers Scholarship is awarded to an 8th or 9th grade US student.

Factors such as academics (honors, former awards, current GPA, etc.), remarkable community service, leadership experiences, extra-curricular activities (sports, arts, school clubs, etc.), perseverance and resolve in the face of adversity, and any achievements relevant to ISTG will be taken into account in the scholarship determination process. In addition to these aforementioned key factors, candidates will also have to submit an essay.

To donate to the ISTG's Young Achievers Scholarship Fund, please click below:


The following are the sponsorship tiers, based on the mimimum required levels of financial support:

  • Diamond: $20,000 and above
  • Platinum: $10,000
  • Gold: $5,000
  • Silver: $2,500
  • Contributor: $1,000
  • Supporter: $500
  • Sustainer: $250
  • Patron: $249 and under

As a corporate sponsor, you will be offered the following benefits:
  • Endorsement of your company/organization by ISTG
  • Your company/organization logo and website link displayed on a dedicated "ISTG Sponsors" page for all donations above $1,000
As an individual sponsor, you will receive a letter from ISTG formally acknowledging your level of sponsorship.

Note: If you choose to donate to the ISTG Young Achievers Scholarship Fund anonymously, please click on the donate button below:


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