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ISTG believes that its articles can be used as a tool to reinforce students' interest in STEM and to complement the work that is done in schools. For STEM teachers that want to use our articles as part of their practice and instruction, we encourage them to share the ISTG online publications with both their students (during class as part of discussion or homework, then followed by in-class discussion) and their students' parents, since these articles contain specifics tips and advice (on academic resilience and how best to study STEM) for students who want to pursue studies and careers in STEM. In most of our articles, we often ask specific questions to our contributors related to their personal experience in studying STEM, as a result they offer insightful tips and advice for STEM studies and careers, useful for both students and parents.

We also believe that the diverse backgrounds of our series' contributors, unique experience, and the broad spectrum of STEM disciplines covered in the various articles will be beneficial to students, some of whom might be able to identify with some of our contributors. We feel that ISTG's contributors' success stories, often in the face of adversity, have to be told and shared with the younger generations so that they could learn from these individuals and use them as examples, role models, or a source of inspiration.

Finally, the geographical aspect of our series is an unique component and is important to highlight. It provides students and parents with a perspective on STEM and related issues that can be very local or global.

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