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The primary goals of the ISTG joint student project initiative, Project AFARA™, are: First, to help encourage greater interest in science and technology among young students that are underrepresented in the sciences in both the US and Africa and second, to foster greater global awareness, communication and cooperation among these young students. Scientific and technical proficiency, coupled with global awareness, are fast becoming vital skills in an increasingly interconnected world.

The following further details the main goals of Project AFARA™:

  • Bring science and technology to both US and African young students
  • Teach and foster cooperation and collaboration among students of differing cultures and backgrounds
  • Develop global awareness among young US and African students
  • Give schools and teachers within the US the opportunity to participate in joint ventures with schools in Africa


The main goal of Project AFARA™ – which means "bridge" in Yoruba – is to enable young students (in both the U.S. and in Africa) that are underrepresented in the sciences to be more competitive in an increasingly technological and interconnected world, in effect bridging the scientific and technological educational gap among all students on a local and global scale.

AFARA kids

Program Overview

AFARA kids

Under the Project AFARA™ initiative, a 3 week science project will be conducted where both US and African students jointly participate. These groups of students will have the opportunity to interact with each other on a real-time basis, will work together to solve a common problem, and will be expected to present their findings jointly to their respective student bodies. At the conclusion of the joint science project, all student participants will be given certificates of participation.

Click links below for a complete list of current and past participating schools:

Participating Schools

Spring 2009
Fall 2010
Fall 2011
Spring 2012
Spring 2013

Pre-Application Process for Project AFARA

In order to receive a formal Project AFARA application from ISTG, you must first send a letter of interest signed by the principal or headmaster. The letter should address the reasons your school wishes to participate in Project AFARA, and how Project AFARA will benefit your students academically and socially.

Please email a PDF copy of your letter to In addition, you must mail a hard-copy of your letter to the following address:


600 N. Neil Street
PO Box #1292
Champaign, IL 61824

Once we've received your official letter of interest, the official Project AFARA application documentation will be emailed to your school.


AFARA kids


Students from Perspectives Calumet Middle School (Chicago, IL) who participated in the
inaugural launch of Project AFARA. Click here for more information about this inaugural launch.


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