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Over the past two years, ISTG has successfully launched Project AFARA across many schools in underserved communities based both here in the US (Chicago; Detroit) as well as in Africa (Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria). Through Project AFARA, participating schools were given the opportunity to expose their students to interesting and challenging scientific concepts, while helping to build a strong foundation for critical thinking and problem solving. In addition, both students and teachers alike were given the invaluable experience of interacting with international students in a cooperative spirit. All this was achieved in a manner that was completely complimentary to the participating schools' standard curriculum. Click here to learn more about Project AFARA.

But in order to continue this great work, we need your help. Our goal for the next planned launch of Project AFARA in the summer of 2011 is to support at least two schools based in the US, and one additional school based within Africa. In order to meet this goal, we will need to raise $5000 by May 30th, 2011.

As a non-profit organization, our only source of funding is you, and only you can enable initiatives such as Project AFARA to reach its full potential, reaching as many students - both nationally and internationally - as possible. Please click the donate button below to make a donation to Project AFARA:

To learn more about how your donations are specifically allocated, please click here.

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