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Inaugural Project AFARA™ - Spring 2009
AFARA kids

Students from Perspectives Calumet Middle School (Chicago, IL) participated in the inaugural launch of Project AFARA. Launched in March of 2009, this three-week project was focused on the analysis of soil and water samples collected from different sources within the participating students' respective environments, focusing specifically on the pH and salinity levels of the collected samples. In addition, the participating students studied the effect of varying pH and salinity levels on plant health.

The general purpose of this project was to teach the students that the soil and water within their environment, together with the plant and animal life it supports, form a complex, inter-dependent and often fragile ecosystem.

This project proved to be a huge success, given the level of enthusiasm and newly generated interest in science among the participating students. On April 16th 2009, ISTG organized and sponsored an awards ceremony at Perspectives Calumet Middle School, during which the participating Calumet students presented their project findings via PowerPoint, and were each

AFARA kids

awarded with Certificates of Participation courtesy of ISTG. During the awards ceremony, many of the participating students eagerly expressed their desire to participate in future AFARA projects. The ceremony was also attended by Perspectives Calumet Middle School Principal Mrs. Tamara Davis, as well as South African Consul Mr. Van Niekerk.

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