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Project AFARA - Fall 2010
NGHS-11 CS-3 PEC-8

The Fall 2010 edition of Project AFARA, ISTG's premier international science and technology program, was truly groundbreaking and innovative! This round of Project AFARA included over 100 middle and high school students ranging from grades 8-12 (or ages 12-17), conducted across two continents and three cities. The participating schools were Plymouth Educational Center (Detroit, USA), North Grand High School (Chicago, USA), and Christ's School Senior (Ado-Ekiti , Nigeria). The duration of this round of Project AFARA was 4 weeks (November 10, 2010 - December 10, 2010), with students holding final presentations on January 13 and 14, 2011.

CS-9 PEC-9 NGHS-12

AFARA-Fall 2010 was a true success and deserves to be duplicated. It was reported that participating students enjoyed the hands-on experiments as well as the valuable cultural exchange and intercontinental communication with other AFARA student participants. Project AFARA also provided the opportunity for students to consolidate and apply the knowledge that they've learned in school. As such, Project AFARA is the perfect complementary tool to any school's curriculum. In addition, all of Project AFARA's goals were met, including but not limited to:
  • Offering a unique science and technology educational experience to both US and African young students
  • Teaching and fostering cooperation and collaboration between students of differing cultures and backgrounds
  • Developing global awareness among young US and African students
  • Giving schools and teachers within the US the opportunity to participate in joint ventures with schools in Africa

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